Our Approach

I want my clients to love where they live, inside and out.  The beauty of living in Northern California, is that we have fantastic weather.  You’ve heard the song, “It Never Rains in California” – it’s not too far from the truth!  It does actually rain in California, however, our micro-climates in the San Francisco Bay Area create so many options for homeowners to live and entertain in and out doors!


Mike Mikolajcik began in a family business in the Napa Valley where he was an owner of a garden center. For 19 years his love was torn between plants as well as design and construction. He quickly learned that he was adept at designing and at an early stage of his career began consulting large wineries, golf courses, and estates throughout the Napa Valley. Some of these included Beringer Winery, Jamieson Ranch Vineyards, Signorello Winery and Estate, Chardonay Golf Course, Hidden Brook Golf Course and countless others. In 2008, he sold his interest in the business to pursue the construction side, which he felt he could offer a “One Stop Shop”, – hardscape and landscape. Since then he has taken on numerous projects which have both rendered beautiful and inspired landscapes where people can share with friends and family. Since 2008, several hundred projects have been installed. Some of these include the Margarido House, one of the nation’s highest rated LEED homes as well as a Platinum LEED home in Mill Valley. His work comprises complete outdoor living such as kitchens, fire features, water features including pools, pergolas, and plant installations to match the style of the landscape desired.

Mike’s vision was to provide Experience You Can Trust, and Results You Deserve.  

Home Improvements are an investment, and you deserve the best.



Mike Mikolajcik